Newly Qualifieds -Zero to Hero

Back in 2010/11 when many of today’s second year Trainee Solicitors secured their training contracts, the legal market wasn’t in great shape, reflecting the wider economy. Training contracts fell off a cliff, with most Graduates just being grateful of securing a contract with any firm they could.

Fast-forward to 2015. The economy continues to gain traction, which, coupled with the fact that law firms are very light at the junior Associate level, has created an interesting climate for this year’s newly qualifieds.

Starting from a weak position 4 years ago, the balance of power has now shifted, as Law firms focus their attention at the more junior end of the market when they look to recruit.

As an upcoming or recently qualified Solicitor, you are now not only able to ask some interesting questions of your current position, but also do something about it.

Questions such as:
– How have I been treated throughout my contract?
– Am I happy to continue in this working environment and with these people?
– Can the firm offer me the specialism, breadth of work, or sector focus I am looking for?
– How have they weathered the recession, and are they embracing the changing legal landscape?
– Do I feel they can future-proof my career..?

An interesting mix of factors is in play for this year’s intake.

With an increasing number of big firms looking to the smaller regionals to feed their growth – something almost unheard of 10 years ago- it’s tempting for even the happiest of trainees to explore their options..

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