A better place for you?

Regardless of your level of PQE, you will be mindful of where your career is at, and where you want it to go.

We appreciate that most Solicitors will move firms only a handful of times during their careers, and for different reasons, so it’s important that we get to know your situation, your blend of experience, and what makes you tick, so that we can provide a meaningful service when the time comes.

As the market continues to gain traction, a lot of the moves made by Solicitors happen behind the scenes, without the vacancy ever becoming available to the open market. The reason we are able to successfully handle such moves is because we take the time to understand the needs of both our law firm and our Solicitor clients, so that we can accurately introduce the two.

We don’t always need a fully drafted CV from you to do this, as many of our clients are happy to meet on a more informal basis in the first instance, giving both parties the opportunity to explore potential fit, without feeling bound by the commitment and constraints of a formal application/interview process.

As a specialist legal recruitment firm, our value isn’t in sending out CV’s en-mass and giving people the hard sell –unfortunate perceptions rightly associated to some firms in the industry; but to provide a service which is accurate, pro-active, friendly and professional.


As with any great product or service, we are confident you will want to refer us to your friends and colleagues, and just like most recruitment companies, we offer a reward for anyone you refer who we then go on to successfully place.

However, we’ve always wondered why this is only ever offered for referring other people? You’re a person too, right?

So we’ve decided to offer the same reward for referring yourself as you would receive for referring a friend or a colleague.

REFER YOURSELF: £700 in vouchers
REFER A FRIEND:   £700 in vouchers


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